Your boundary reminder:

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(I recently read a very informative blog post & thought I’d share!)

I remember being in Africa when the word “boundaries” was first brought up to me. I had never been taught by my parents, or the religious organization I belonged to, that boundaries were okay, or more than that- necessary. I thought you always give grown ups their way, you say yes to everything your parents say (even when it can be harmful), and you don’t question your authorities. 

Boundaries seemed to be taboo.

Over a period of months, the concept slowly began sinking in. I clearly remember defining boundaries with my mother last year in order to start recovering from an eating disorder.

A year later, and with life looking way different, I’m once again reminded of how important my boundaries with her all. Not just with her, with everyone. It’s easy to allow the words and opinions of others to push us around. But which one of us wants to let another run the life WE’RE given?

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You, just like me, have your own life to live. Good choices, bad, they’re all yours. Sometimes, it’s the lack of boundaries that hold you back from living your life as you’d actually like. Boundaries sound a little heavy, like restraints, but in reality, they lead you to a life of more and more freedom. Ah, we love freedom.

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3 thoughts on “Your boundary reminder:

  1. I think if we don’t have boundaries we give people too much power over what we do and don’t do as if what they think is more important than what we think is important for ourselves. I’ve seen this happen too many times, even in the notion of, “What will people think?” Maybe it’s because of insecurity forsome to stand up for themselves and sometimes if one has a meeker personality it’s hard to speak up and set the booundaries even when they need to.

    I have to tell you this. Change of subject. I’m laying in bed with my Nook nursing a broken shoulder and arm and fell asleep with my hand on the key pad and accidentally typed about 4 feet of nonsense with about 5 letters per line. Some were actual words or almost words! I was hoping I could be at least a tiny bit prophetic in my sleep!


    • I agree! I catch myself blurring those boundary lines all too often. I’d love to say I don’t give 2 cents about what people think, but I totally do. My aim is to push and push and push, until my meekness is solely a blessing in my life. Thank you for stopping by & typing all these words! 🙂


      • Each of us is born with a “nature” and we might not raven like who we are and would like to change the way we respond to the life around us. But it is so hard. Not impossible, but hard. They more we try to change the more obstacles come up to hold us down and try to make us give up. It takes a lot of drive and determination. I constantly push boundaries. It’s easy for me to say I don’t care what people think, but it does, especially when what they think is wrong and it is used against me to hurt.I think that would be hard for anyone.


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