(For players Hurt & older, any age really)

Welcome to Numbland… a world of finally feeling nothing! Come and meet the Fake Friends, the Money Mountain, and explore the Self-absorbed Swamp. As you go, don’t forget to visit the Condemning Grandma and the Religious Prince. But watch out for the clues left by the Godly Soldiers! They are the ones who want to pull you out. 

OBJECT: Pass through the entire game without noticing the Positive Squares. Be the first player to make it to the last Negative Square without meeting Joy.

CONTENTS: 1 Life, 4 Voices, & 64 Trials.

SETUP: Start living the game of life. Make yourself afraid to open up. Allow people to stop you from achieving your dreams. Find all the ways you can mash down the Feelings. (You don’t want to feel)


1. Try not to die, unless that accidentally happens.

2. The Voices and Truths will try beating you down.

3. Shortcuts- 1) Drugs, 2) Alcohol, 3) Unfulfilled social life 4) Religious Rituals 5) A non-daring heart.

4. Negative squares: There are 20 of these. They were put here to test your limits & direct you towards the Numbland Goal. If you get stuck in one of these, the rest of the life game sucks, but at least you’ll feel less.

5. Play as above, until you learn how to navigate through the good times and get to the Goal of Numbland.

HOW TO WIN THE GAME: Aim for the shortcuts, discern the voices, and when you finally feel nothing- you’ve won.

GAMEPLAY: This game requires no control- just the desire to survive. On your turn, remember the Trial cards and decide which way you will go.

VOICES: When you hear the voices, decipher them all. Follow the one that leads you to FLIP THE GAME OVER—

That’s when you’ve actually won. Welcome to Feeling and welcome to Life.


inspired by my favorite childhood game of course.                seasoned with spice.


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