Get Your Hands Off

You don’t hold my power.

“Change! Your car is not new enough. Your clothes are not in. Your appearance is not up to par. You are not kind enough. You are not brave enough. You are too tall. You are too small. You are too flabby. You are too chunky. Change. You’re not enough. Period. I am done!”

That’s the world. That’s people. That’s our society if we don’t reverse it all. The Power-Handoff starts in elementary. You get picked on in Jr High, welcome to High School- you still don’t measure up. Your hair’s not tall enough, hail Utah. Tragically, this can start even before elementary, in the homes of the most Normal Decent Folks. These experiences shape you. Or, maybe they don’t.

The Elders of Old at times still conform, to  the trend of giving power away. “Your handkerchief isn’t clean enough, sir.” (Ok, I’m kidding on that one. I hope it’s clean.) Back to the thought now…

Some Sad Folks spend their entire lives giving power away to measure up to the standards of the Relentless Perfect Ones. The race is in vain. There’s nothing in the end, literally nothing left of themselves.

You get to choose, as do I. Will you do you? Or will you attempt to change after one muttered word? After a cruel comment? After a passive joke?

I don’t want to anymore. This game is old and I like new tricks.

Moving on.


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