Manipulation vs. Truth


“Faithful in small, faithful in big.” Okay! That means if I wash this floor because I was told to, God might grant me a ministry where I’ll get to work with people. If I teach these children Sunday School well, perhaps I’ll get to work with grown-ups. If I obey everything grown-ups ask me to do, I’ll…

What? Earn a title? What the crap. When did that phrase (or if accurately referenced- bible verse from Luke ch. 16), lose it’s actual meaning? When did it morph into a cliche, used when one dominating peep wants a more submissive one to do something that perhaps will make their life easier?


Well now, Anna. If that’s not the full meaning you tell us.

The truth, a golden nugget, is that we DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, work our way up An Invisible Righteousness Ladder. In Luke, this verse follows a story where a master brings his manager to give him account. That manager tries to screw his boss over by cheating financially. The moral of the story was Jesus saying, “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.” (vs. 9) I know, I know, fancy words there. Pretty much Jesus says- use your finances, or what you materialistically have, share generously. A.k.a if you see someone in need, you help. (Why did I use the KJV? Notice everlasting habitations. What could those be? I thought heaven was one big place. Ah, but habitations(s)! Dwell on it. In another place Jesus does talk about his Father having different rooms. So habitations?)

Moving on, next comes the famous verse of being faithful in small & big.  After that one, Jesus says a couple more things and ends his talk telling the Pharisees (hypocrites), “You cannot love God & Mula.” That of course pissed off the Pharisees, since they loved their dolla’ bills.

Why is it that we ❤ $ so much? What does it get you? (Besides the essentials to survive)

  1. Respect
  2. Recognition (you’ll get VIP seats)
  3. Makes you feel good about yourself, puffs you right up.
  4. Shows you that- wow, you’ve actually achieved something…
  5. You fill in the blank ________.

What else gets you all those things? TITLES. Sometimes even just being in a “ministry.” Just sayin’. So all those things we “faithfully” do? Let’s do because we love, because we are not looking for a reward in return, nor hoping to be moved up in a church. Let’s not be manipulated, nor become slaves to other peeps. Jesus didn’t come for us to be enslaved, building up another’s empire. He came to set us free. We aint got to work no more. He did all the work for us. Time to rest, ahhh. Feels good.


Oh, snap.


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