Why Write?

You see and hear so much in one day, your heart can barely process it all. Some days, you feel a thousand feelings, or so it seems. All at once. The best time to write is when you want to talk and be heard, and somehow only writing feels like it does just that. I know “word vomit” doesn’t sound nice, nor does it define what I feel it should define. Feelings, words, & thoughts all jumble. They churn inside you. The only way out? Getting them out. Getting all of it out makes everything better, you feel mental pounds lighter. That’s why you can write. If it were me, I’d redefine “word vomit” to have it explain that process.


Don’t quite know what this will turn out to be…

For all deep thinkers, this must make sense. You can go through your entire day being busy, talking to God, and even to others- all the while you’re thinking about SO much. I’ve wondered if perhaps I’m schizophrenic or some crazy type. It takes writing, or painting sometimes, to rest. To stop. To focus on one thing: expression. & Maybe that’s the art.

On the humor side- oh, those Ecards!


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